The 20-year quest to beat Zelda II

Well, "quest" is exaggerating things a bit, but otolith's story of how he quit playing Zelda II: The Adventure of Link as a kid—and then beat it 20 years later—is pretty entertaining:

It was a two-decade-long road for me to beat Zelda II. In fact, I had no intention or expectation that I would ever beat it when I gave away my original Nintendo system in the early 90's. It was one of those games that was just too...frigging....hard. Along with Blaster Master and Castlevania II, it seemed stupidly impossible. That path to the last palace, with the lava pits and lizard men, weakening and robbing you of lives until you finally reached the last palace, where those goddamned bird knights ran rings around you while you got lost over and over again, until you finally got to the thunderbird (which I maybe did once or twice), but with severely depleted life and magic and then, fuck, shit, fuck that took forever and now it's game over and Gannon is laughing and I hate this stupid game.

I don't remember when, but there must have come a time when I punched the power button on the console in frustration and walked away from it for the last time. And then twenty years passed and I don't recall thinking about the game once in that time.