Superman is misunderstood

I love this defense of Superman as a character:

Clark is essentially Jesus, but far less preachy. People can’t relate to that shit. Superman is like Jack from LOST. Most people cannot relate to a gifted, well to do Anglo alpha male struggling with his place in the world. Bruce is the emo kid acting out his revenge fantasies on drug dealers and motherfuckers dressed up likes clowns. Clark is the jock valedictorian who felt bad that his best friends didn’t get accepted to the schools he did.

I think at this point I should get across that I am a Batman stan for life. Period. I’ve been Team Rich Nigga Vigilantism since birth.

Just, as I get older, I wish for the moral fiber and the dedication to be more like Superman.

People point to his absurd power levels & shit but be honest: if YOU could fly and punch the moon, how many kittens in trees would you save? Bruce is incapable of seeing the good in humans, and understandably so. Clark is incapable of not at least trying to. That’s admirable. Bruce is equally restrained. I mean, he’ll beat the shit out of a crackhead with a car engine if the mood strikes, but he can’t cross a line. Can you imagine having the wealth and means to just fucking murder serial rapists and get away with it, and have the strength not to?