How do you bring Dr. Strange to film?

Alex Pappademas' profile of the Sorcerer Supreme is very good, and raises an important question: How do you even bring Dr. Strange to screen? He's just weird and just idiosyncratic enough that he doesn't fit the usual template of the Marvel Studios movies.

My own half-cocked idea is to do Strange as a supernatural thriller with human-sized stakes—he's trying to save a single individual from a mystical threat, not the whole Earth. Or maybe you tell the story of his journey from Dr. Strange, practitioner of the dark arts to Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. The stakes are a little greater, but even this is a smaller story than what you get from most Marvel films.

Basically, I want Dr. Strange—and Black Panther—to buck the third act "world is threatened" nonsense of the recent films. Show us something different, for a change.