Nazi Hipsters?

Speaking of Hitler, in Germany, a new generation of neo-Nazis are blending racism, anti-Semitism, and hyper-nationalist furor with the aethestics of American hipsters, from skinny jeans and facial hair to veganism and beyond:

Over the past year, partly because of leaders like Schroeder and partly because of the unstoppable globalization of youth culture, the hipsterification of the German neo-Nazi scene has begun to gain steam. This winter, the German media came up with a new term, "nipster," to describe the trend of people dressing like Brooklyn hipsters at Nazi events. Experts have noted that the German neo-Nazi presence on Tumblr and other social networking sites has become sleeker and more sophisticated. Neo-Nazi clothing has become more stylish and difficult to recognize. There's even a vegan Nazi cooking show. "If the definition of the nipster is someone who can live in the mainstream," Schroeder explains, "then I see it as the future of the movement."

The most visible of these "Nipsters," Patrick Schroeder, also has a healthy persecution complex:

Martin is not his real name, but he’s already lost his job twice because of his politics, and is worried about jeopardizing his newest position. Both men are complaining about the repression they face on the job market as neo-Nazis — since finishing his training as a salesman, Schroeder has only worked for companies tied to the scene. “We’re the new Jews in Germany,” he says, “except we don’t wear stars.”

There is a lot to...unpack in a neo-Nazi comparing himself to the Jews he thinks weren't really exterminated.