Conservatives Say the Poor Have it Easy

You should definitely spend your July 4th weekend reading my latest column for Slate:

Republicans abandoned this talk after 2012, all but repudiating the Romney approach, which leaned on an agenda of plutocratic policies and class resentment and suffered as a result. But the basic idea—that some number of Americans were lazy "takers" addicted to welfare and entitlements—never subsided. You can see it in the anger over Thad Cochran's win in the Mississippi Senate primary—with opponents furious over his appeal to so-called "moochers"—and in the backlash to the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act; conservatives demanded women "pay for their own birth control," as if insurance coverage were an unearned benefit.

Also, I'll be on vacation for the next week. This place will get updates—since, you know, it's easy—but I won't have any new stuff at Slate until the 17th.