my favorite building in richmond

I went to Richmond for a work trip last week, which gave me a chance to photograph one of my favorite buildings in the city, and possibly in the entire state—the Model Tobacco Building.


A little background, via Wikipedia.

Built from 1938-40, the Art Deco style Model Tobacco Building is the primary six-story building of a six building collection of buildings comprising a former tobacco factory. Located at 1100 Jefferson Davis Highway (U.S. Route 1), in Richmond, Virginia, the building was designed by the Chicago architecture firm of Schmidt, Garden and Erikson and is known for the 9' tall Moderne MODEL TOBACCO letters which dominate the north end of the building.

some seattle snaps

I did a couple things recently. First, I bought a (new-to-me) Ricoh GR II since they are much cheaper with the recent release of the Ricoh GR III. Second, I went to Seattle to moderate a panel and do a public interview. It was good fun. While I was there I did a little walking around and took a few snaps with the Ricoh. (I also shot a roll of film but that won’t be developed for some time). There were a lot of photos, but these were the only ones that spoke to me. Let me know what you think.