february 2017—roll 1

So, I'm cheating a bit here. This isn't the first roll of February as much as its the last roll of January, taken at another protest against the Trump administration's travel (read: Muslim) ban. But I sent it to the lab with the February film, so it counts. I shot this on a 6x7 camera, which gives you 10 exposures per roll of film. My goal, with this session, was to capture as many faces as possible. I think I did well, with a series of portraits and crowd shots where faces predominate. The only exception is a photo of an especially creative sign that I couldn't resist.

Of the batch, I'm not sure there's anything in there I'm interested in taking to the darkroom to print. But if you see something you like, leave a note, and I'll get back to you. 

Camera: Fuji GW670II. Film: Kodak Tri-X 400. Lab developed. 

library weekend

Last weekend, I visited two unusually fancy libraries. The first was the Peabody Library in Baltimore. The second was the Library of Congress, here in D.C. The Peabody is absolutely beautiful and one day I will convince someone to let me bring a large camera rig in and do some proper photos. Until then, there's this, which I still like.

As for the Library of Congress, it was an open house day, where the public could visit every wing of the building, including the reading room, for which you otherwise need permission. The grayscale mural is from that room.

Camera: Fuji X100T with wide-angle conversion lens. Processed using VSCO for iOS.

the open path

This is the main path to the Albany Bulb park mentioned in an earlier post. I waited here for about 10 minutes as people passed by to take this photo, and about 10 seconds after I hit the shutter release, a gaggle of dogs came walking by (they had owners, don't worry).

Camera: Fuji GSW690III. Film: Kodak T-Max 400, lab developed.

albany bulb

I was in Berkley, California for a hot minute last month (read: 24 hours), just enough time to finish a couple rolls of film with my 6x9 Fuji rangefinder. I spent a chunk of the afternoon north of the city, in Albany, where there is a former construction materials dump turned homeless encampment turned installation space for artists, graffiti and sculptural. Called “The Bulb,” it’s located next to a commercial race track, on the bay itself.

Camera: Fuji GSW690III. Film: Kodak T-Max 400, lab developed.