Gone Camera Gone

For the last few months, I've used a Nikon L35AF for most of my day to day 35mm snaps. It's a great camera! Small, lightweight, with a sharp lens and lots of character. Unfortunately, about a week ago, I dropped it while biking to work. It hit the pavement as I went down hill and promptly shattered into plastic and glass. RIP.

Luckily, I didn't lose any photos. And I have a back-up camera! A recently refurbished Olympus OM-1 that was gifted to me from a reader, with a 35mm lens I picked up from eBay. Those photos are forthcoming. In the meantime, here are the last few shots I took before losing the camera to my negligence. The film is Fuji Provia 100f, a vibrant film that I'm moving away from because it's a bit too expensive and not versatile enough.

(Also, you may notice that I'm doing my photo blogging here at my website, instead of at my VSCO Journal. Long story short is that VSCO is real cumbersome. This isn't a perfect solution—it's a bit of a hassle to edit on my iPad—but it's good enough.)