Goat Rock Beach

Goat Rock Beach is part of Sonoma Coast State Park, which was just 30 minutes from where we were staying. We went there twice. Once, on our first full day in the area, and again on Christmas morning, to see a particularly large rock that sat in the middle of a field, about a mile from the beach itself. The first set of photos is from that first day. It was a little cooler, a little misty, and very gray outside. Driving in, there were scenic places to park, and so I took a few "establishing" shots, just to provide a general picture of the area. It shouldn't be a surprise to learn that, even in the bright afternoon light, it was beautiful.

And our second visit, again, was to see this rock. It sounds silly, but it was a pretty impressive rock! So I'm glad we spent the time to see it (and enjoy the sunrise on the coast).