For Christmas break, my wife and I went out to the Russian River Valley in Northern California to drink wine and enjoy the scenery. The area, if you're not familiar, isn't far from Napa and Sonoma (just an hour and a half or so) but has a vastly different feel: Rural and low-key. For vacations, I like to take slides, so I brought a box of Fuji Provia 100f and my Fuji GA655 rangefinder, which is like a medium format point and shoot. It's perfect for vacation snapshots, and is a great introduction to medium format if you're willing to live with a fixed-lens (40mm equivalent).


This first set of photos is from a few of the vineyards we visited. They're basically all a variation on the same kind of photo, but you'll forgive me if that style and composition appeals to my eye. Let me know what you think, as always.