a day spent walking through (part of) san francisco

This is pretty self-explanatory. I was in San Francisco and had a little time to explore. As always, I had a camera with me—in this case, a Leica M5 with a 50mm lens and a fresh roll of Fuji Provia 100f. I shot most of the roll in the course of an afternoon, and finished it the following morning.

A few observations about these photos. Provia is a transparency film, and I leaned into its qualities, namely high contrast leading to deep blacks. It occurs to me that I shot this roll like I would a roll of black and white film, with an eye toward enhancing contrast and capturing shadows. You see that in the first photo of the group.

Scanning these was a bit of a bear. There were heavy color casts on some of these photos, so I spent a lot of time trying to correct for them.