an autumn ride down skyline drive

In early November, just before the trees gave up their leaves, my wife and I (and the dog) took a ride down Skyline Drive, the scenic highway that goes through Shenandoah National Park. I wanted to shoot a few sheets of 4x5, and brought my Crown Graphic along for the ride.

Skyline Drive is incredibly scenic, but my favorite photo was of these leaves. Despite the sharpness of the photo and the relatively accuracy of the colors, there's still something dreamlike about the photo, perhaps a product of the shallow depth of field.

The remaining photos are from various points along the highway. We didn't drive the whole thing—the dog got pretty restless after about 2 hours—but we drove enough to get a few decent photos.

And here's a photo of the dog, taken in a smaller format, since she would not sit still for a large format portrait.