baltimore's greenmount cemetery

Not too long ago, a friend and I went over to Baltimore's largest historic cemetery to check out the statuary. I was especially interested in the work of Hans Shuler, an American sculpture whose work dots Baltimore, from monuments placed throughout the city to memorial figures in its cemeteries.

The first two figures are works from Shulter. The first, titled Meditation, resembles the famed Adams Memorial in Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington D.C. The second, titled Angel of the Resurrection, holds no particular significance, other than its beauty.

As for the rest of the photos? Those are interesting scenes, headstones, statues, and two notable family plots: a crypt belonging to a long-deceased family of Baltimore slave traders (my friend, who studies the Baltimore slave trade, pointed it out), and the Booth plot, where the family's most infamous son—John Wilkes—lies in an unmarked grave.

Camera: Fuji GW670II. Film: Kodak Tri-X 400, lab developed.