c'ville afternoon

I think I've said enough about the time I spend in Charlottesville—I'm there a lot—so I'll just say that these photos are from my most recent weekend there, at the end of January. We took a couple of walks, and in lieu of trying to shoot anything with a theme, I just made a few snapshots of scenes or figures that caught my eye.

That included the equestrian statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. In general, I think these are abominations: neo-Confederate propaganda erected at a time of unvarnished and unrepentant white supremacy. At the same time, they are quite beautiful, lovely pieces of early 20th century statuary. My preferred solution for the figures is to remove them outright, and replace them with parks dedicated to the ongoing fight for racial justice. But, if they have to stay, we should at least let people know that they are propaganda. To complicate the beauty.

Oh, and for those of who care about gear at all, these photos were taken with a Fuji GW670II medium format camera, using Portra 400 film rated at 200. For metering, I used a handheld incident meter.