march 2017—roll 9

Hey, we're back to 35mm! I hardly ever shoot color negatives on small formats, but this was a special occasion. Lomography released a new color film—allegedly aged in for some time—and I was eager to give it a shot. I was traveling when I loaded this into my camera (a Leica M5, equipped with a medium wide lens), so some of these shots are of airports or other places in the country (like Iowa City).

My favorite shot is one of the last ones on the roll (but the first one in this set). I took it while walking along the tidal basin in D.C. There were some fraternity guys posing for photos, and being me, I offered to take a photo for them, then asked if I could take their photo. I didn't ask them to pose or smile—my only direction was a simple "be natural." I liked how it turned out.