may 2017—rolls 5 & 6

I'm moving from D.C., and have been working hard to get in as much D.C. stuff as possible. To that end, we recently took a long walk through Rock Creek Park, to enjoy the scenery and the weather. I brought a 6x9 camera—loaded on a tripod—and a smaller camera for quick shots in color. The color photos were in a previous post. These are (obviously) in black and white. I shot two full rolls (about 16 exposures) and I think these are the photos that work best. I tried to capture the various tones of green by adding a green filter to the lens, which lightens that color and provides more separation between the foliage and other elements in the scene.

With the exception of one photo, I'm honestly a little lukewarm about this whole set. But, I'm committed to sharing just about everything I shoot, so here they are.