June 2017—roll 3

Most of the film I shoot in a given month is medium format. When looking at quality for cost, it provides the most bang for you buck, and I happen to really enjoy the medium format cameras that I have on hand. But I still shoot plenty of 35mm, and lately I've been asking myself "why"? Quality-wise, digital has surpassed small format film. If the advantage of 35mm over other film formats is speed and versatility, digital has that beat many times over. And in any case, I use my 35mm camera as something of a daily diary—a way to record the things I see and observe on the day to day. There's no reason you can't do that with digital.

After thinking about this a lot, the answer I have is just that I like the physicality of film, in all of its forms. I like inserting a cartridge, unwrapping a roll, or loading a sheet; I like the anticipation that builds when you advance the next exposure and the decisive sound of a shutter closing; and I like knowing that regardless of what I ultimately do with them, my photos are physical objects in the world.

That's all to say that this was my third roll of 35mm for the  month o fJune. These 7 photos are the shots I thought worked best. I especially like the one of the young man in the stylish outfit. It was kind of him to let me take his photo. The film itself is Cinestill 50D, a cinematic film adapted for still photography. I think it looks pretty cool, like Kodak Ektar with softer colors.