june 2017—rolls 7 & 8

Depending on the exact negative size (6x4.5, 6x6, etc.) you'll get between 8 and 15 exposures for a roll of medium format film, which makes it pretty expensive relative to 35mm! That tends to be why I tend to shoot medium format on weekends, at events, where I can treat each roll as a record of a particular day, shot with a particular purpose. (I'm still figuring out where my recent foray into large format fits into this, but more on that later.)

I shot these rolls during D.C's Pride Weekend, part of my attempt to capture all the activity in the city those days. This batch has just a few keepers—I wasn't feeling as bold as I usually am when photographing big crowds, and it shows. But I had good time shooting, and that's ultimately what counts.