new orleans, first pass

I still haven’t developed my film from New Orleans, but like last week, I do have a few digital photos to share. 

Any trip to New Orleans eventually involves a stop in the French Quarter, and for whatever reason our days almost always ended with us walking through it. This first photo is from Easter Sunday, our first full day in the city. We missed the morning Easter parades on account of visiting cemeteries, but we were able to catch the last parade of the day, the Gay Easter Parade. There’s something both very modern and very pre-modern about Easter revelry. The vibe of the celebration is a throwback to quasi-pagan Easter celebrations of an earlier Christianity, but the inclusivity is very 21st century. Anyway. I like this picture.


Next is from a random moment in the quarter. The light was fantastic and it was just luck that some people walked through the scene just as I took a snap.


Last is from our last full day in New Orleans. I’m a sucker for people with insane political beliefs, and took a few photos of this dude as he evangelized for his Alex Jones-ish views.


For those of you who care about gear, these were taken with a Fuji X100F and processed in Lightroom.